Rushmere Cycle Day Ticket

Main entrance car park at Rushmere Country Park OPEN 9am-8pm. 

Toilets OPEN 10am - 4pm with social distancing measures in place and catering available.

The Rushmere day ticket covers Rushmere Riders Cross Country cycle trails at Rushmere which are OPEN, and the Ridge Riders Downhill Zone OPEN.

*Rushmere main entrance may close early on occasions where access exceeds risk assessments. 

Aspley Woods Cycle Day Ticket

The Longslade Lane car park OPEN 7am - 6pm located at Aspley Heath, Milton Keynes MK17 9HZ, we ask users not to park on the road, footpaths or verges. 

There are no toilets.

The Aspley Woods day ticket covers the cross country trails at Aspley Woods which are currently CLOSED due to storm damage blocking key trails, and the Jump area which is also CLOSED due to unauthorised digging. 

As a result of the closures we are making the purchase of Aspley Cycling Passes unavailable and will arrange compensation for current annual passholders in due course.

Greensand Cycle Pass - Day Ticket

Whilst the public has free pedal cycle access along public bridleways, some of the areas managed by The Greensand Trust offer additional permissive trails for cyclists which require a Greensand Bike Pass for their use.

Access to these additional routes therefore requires a Greensand Bike Pass, an annual Pass can be purchased via this link to our Greensand Bike Pass page, or alternatively a DAY pass can be purchased for each rider below. You can buy in advance and select the date you wish to ride when you make your purchase.

The Pass protects both the user and landowner against third-party liability and helps to fund the maintenance and the safety checks of these paths. The rules differ for the various schemes due to matters such as insurance so please check the individual terms and conditions carefully. Please note purchase of a Greensand Bike Pass entitles the holder to ride permissive cycling trails at Rushmere Country Park or Aspley Woods – it does not guarantee or include access to parking at either site.

We are no longer offering a combined Day ticket for Rushmere and Aspley Woods.

A map of Rushmere's permissive bike routes can be downloaded here.

A map of Aspley's permissive bike routes can be downloaded here.

VAT is payable and included in the price of all standard passes.  

Once purchased you will receive an order confirmation by email, please carry this on site as proof of purchase.

The Longslade Lane car park is located at Aspley Heath, Milton Keynes MK17 9HZ

Rushmere Country Park main entrance is at Linslade Road, Heath and Reach, LU7 0EB

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