**Cancelled as viewing platform is closed**

Our amazing Spring visitors are back in residence - view the herons from our outdoor terrace from February to June as they lay their eggs and raise their young.

You can get closer to all the heron action by taking a look through our binoculars and telescope or having a chat with our very knowledgeable Heron Watch volunteers (on site daily from 10am to 4pm subject to availability).

Much can be seen with the naked eye with around 16 nests located in the trees opposite the Visitor Centre in what we call Heron Valley. 

Some of the nests are fitted with a camera which feeds live images through to our TV screen in the atrium, taking you inside the nest from the first egg to feeding chicks and the first flight!

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates and stunning photography of the herons as they make their way from birth to adulthood and leave the nest.

If you've enjoyed your Heron Watch experience please consider making a donation to our Heron Watch Appeal for funds to update and maintain our optical equipment used at the park to help our visitors make the most of this wonder of nature right here on our doorstep.

Heron Watch Appeal Help us raise funds to look after our optical equipment used by visitors to view the herons nesting each Spring. Find out more