Rushmere Country Park

As 2020 comes to an end we'd like to acknowledge how delighted we are to have been able to provide a safe environment to support our local and wider community’s health and wellbeing needs throughout the difficult times of this year. Covid-19 has brought many changes to our daily lives and it is a great comfort to many people that they are still able to visit our wonderful park.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our long standing visitors and to new visitors who have discovered us in recent months, as we've had to change some of our services and activities due to the Covid-19 restrictions and we're grateful of the understanding and support shown in these challenging times.

Surge in visitor numbers

We have seen a large increase in visitor numbers since the initial lockdown was lifted and we are delighted to welcome everyone to the park. We have a wide variety of users throughout the park from walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, horse riders through to amateur photographers and bird watchers.

It’s always a good idea to download our park map or pick up a copy from the visitor centre so you can familiarise yourself with the site and our footpaths and conservation areas where visitors are not permitted. Newer visitors may not be familiar with our permissive trails for cyclists and horse riding which require the purchase of a Greensand Pass to use them – these are available via our website.

Local environmental charity

To explain a little bit about us for our new visitors, The Greensand Trust, which runs the park, is an independent environmental charity that works with local communities and landowners to conserve and enhance the distinctive landscape, wildlife and history of the Greensand Ridge and wider area, improving access, understanding and enjoyment for the benefit of everyone. We are a not for profit charity, which means that all revenues that come into the park through parking, catering, retail, donations etc go directly into running the park and its conservation. So that is every penny goes towards maintaining and improving the park that you love so much.

Issues the park is facing

Covid-19 restrictions and increased visitor numbers have proved to be a challenge to our infrastructure and we are extremely proud of how our staff have responded and continue to work tirelessly to make the visitor experience as good as they possibly can. The increase in visitors has highlighted issues with parking, increased littering and access in and out of the park.

We have a limited number of parking spaces in Rushmere and Stockgrove, so once we reach our capacity the entrance barriers will close. We would like to advise you that if you do try to visit our park and find it temporarily closed, please try again later in the day. Our rangers will be working to get people through as speedily as possible.

The roads outside of the park are very narrow and the congestion caused by waiting traffic can be very dangerous for passing traffic and difficult for local residents, so please do not stop and wait. We want you to visit the park, but we do not want to cause accidents and arguments.

We are working to make improvements to our barrier system to allow cars to exit more quickly, this cannot be done overnight, and we will have to continue with our current provisions for a little while yet. Please bear with us - at weekends, in particular, there could be delays in exiting the park.

Environmental conservation

As well as ensuring that our visitors have a wonderful experience in our park, we also carry out vitally important work in conserving and managing the natural environment. Rangers are working daily to achieve this goal which includes bringing back natural habitats, felling non-native species of trees and replanting new trees and plants to support habitats for flora, fauna, and wildlife.

We still have challenging times ahead, but we are planning and looking forward to the time when we can safely open up our visitor centre and café and return to normal times. Until then, we thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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