**New payment machine now accepts card payment only**

Pay on exit parking at Rushmere Country Park’s main entrance is now easier than ever as the exit barrier is now able to accept payment by bank card or mobile device - so visitors no longer need the exact change, unless paying with coins.

As visitors approach the exit barrier, the first payment machine on the right is for CARD payment, including contactless and Apple pay, and vends automatically at £3 whether using contactless or inserting a bank card.

To use CASH, the annual Greensand Parking Pass or tokens, visitors need to proceed to the second payment machine – both are clearly labelled.

Card payment is only available at the main entrance and not at Stockgrove where parking is limited.

All proceeds support the park which is run on a not for profit basis by charity The Greensand Trust.

Gill Welham, Chief Executive of The Greensand Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer card payment to our visitors, making a visit to Rushmere easier than ever.

“Visitors can still use coins, but many people now prefer to pay by card. Revenue from parking enables us to provide essential services to our visitors and look after the park for the enjoyment of all.”

An annual Greensand Parking Pass offers great value for money with prices from £40 or £45 if choosing Gift Aid available here