The Greensand Trust and Friends of the Earth South Bedfordshire joined forces to plant a new hedgerow at the Millbank Meadows in Leighton Buzzard, helping improve the appearance of this important local green space and attract wildlife.

Over 60m of hedgerow was planted by local volunteers, using a mixture of native species.  As the hedge grows it will provide habitat, food and shelter for local wildlife.  Hedgerows, alongside woodlands and other habitats, also play an important role in combatting global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide. 

Volunteer support

The project was made possible thanks to a Central Bedfordshire Council “Cheering Volunteering” grant.  Millbank Meadows are located in the heart of the town and are owned by Central Bedfordshire Council.  They are an important part of the Ouzel Valley Park and the Leighton-Linslade Green Wheel.

The Greensand Trust has also received grant funding to help support local volunteers from Leighton-Linslade Town Council and Councillor Tony Morris brought his spade and joined in on the day.

Victoria  Harvey, CBC Councillor, said: “Planting hedging is so important for birds, butterflies, bees etc and looks lovely.  This was due to great partnership working between the Town Council, CBC, The Greensand Trust and local residents from South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth, as well as individual local residents. So many local people want to do their bit for wildlife and climate change and it is for councils and conservation charities to create the opportunities  to make this happen”.

Leighton-Linslade Town Councillor Tony Morris said: “So much of the charm of our lovely town is as a result of the hard work and commitment from so many volunteers.  They deserve our support in every way, whether that be financial, with a spade or just a grateful thanks. Well done to the team of the Greensand Trust”.

Ruth Mundy for South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth added: “Planting native hedges and shrubs, allowing wild areas in your gardens and growing insect friendly plants are all great ways of improving habitats to support our local wildlife.”

For more information on volunteering with The Greensand Trust please see or call 01525 234260 /email [email protected]

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Pictured are Cllr Victoria Harvey (CBC, LLTC and FoE) and Cllr Tony Morris (LLTC) working with volunteers to plant the new hedge.