Working Woodlands Project

The Working Woodlands project aims to protect, enhance and promote the woodlands of the Greensand Ridge for their biodiversity, heritage and recreational value, their role in the landscape, as providers of ecosystem services, and as part of the rural economy.

Main objectives of the project are to:

  • better understand our local woodlands, their importance, the challenges they face and possible solutions
  • raise awareness of the importance of our local woodlands and their management and encourage people to visit and enjoy them responsibly
  • promote the beneficial and sustainable management of our local woodlands
  • continue to develop the Working Woodlands Centre as a base for training, education and visiting Maulden Wood, and as a focus for woodland initiatives on the Greensand Ridge

The Greensand Trust is helping local young people influence the future of green space in and around Luton as the town grows and the new link road is built.

Our aim is to find out what young people most value - we’d like to know what they would like to see improved and which parts of the countryside they especially love.

Where is the area we're talking about? 

The project area north of Luton runs between the M1 in the east and the A6 in the west. Luton is expanding - approximately 4,000 new homes and some industrial areas are planned in this area along with a new link road between the A6 and M1.

See the green shading and the blue dotted line on the attached North Luton map.

We invite young people living in this area to take part in our short survey:

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