The Greensand Trust is delighted to announce the popular Valley Slide at Rushmere Country Park re-opened on Saturday 24 March, following its recent closure.

The decision was taken at a recent meeting of Trustees and partners of the environmental charity.

The Valley Slide was closed in January while the Trust considered its future as part of the play offer at the park following a public liability claim.

The closure solicited a huge response from visitors on the park's Facebook page calling for the re-opening of the slide and highlighting its appeal among families coming to the 400 acre site. This overwhelming support from visitors contributed in part to the decision to keep the slide.

The slide has always and continues to meet European safety standards as verified by regular independent play inspections. The ranger team at the park conscientiously checks and maintains the slide to a very high standard to ensure the slide is safe for use by our visitors.

New, more prescriptive signage has been installed, warning that the slide is steep, long and conditions can make it very fast and users do so at their own risk. The slide is not recommended for use by children under 5 or adults.

Adult supervision is required to assess suitability and ensure children use the slide appropriately – seated, feet first with only one user at a time. The slide should not be used when wet.

A play area including a slide suitable for children aged under 5 is provided in the toddler play area.

The Trust is seeking to install CCTV on the site to help monitor how the slide is used.

Chief Executive of The Greensand Trust Gill Welham said: “We’re delighted that, on balance, it was decided that we will keep the Valley Slide as part of the play offer at Rushmere Country Park. We recognise it’s very popular among our visitors and thank them for their support on this issue.

“The safety of all our visitors, especially children, is paramount. We’re certainly doing all we can to make sure the slide is safe to use and call upon parents of children using the slide to make sure they are using it appropriately. This way we can continue to allow our younger visitors to enjoy the Valley Slide having fun outdoors for years to come.”