Working Woodlands Project

The Working Woodlands project aims to protect, enhance and promote the woodlands of the Greensand Ridge for their biodiversity, heritage and recreational value, their role in the landscape, as providers of ecosystem services, and as part of the rural economy.

Main objectives of the project are to:

  • better understand our local woodlands, their importance, the challenges they face and possible solutions
  • raise awareness of the importance of our local woodlands and their management and encourage people to visit and enjoy them responsibly
  • promote the beneficial and sustainable management of our local woodlands
  • continue to develop the Working Woodlands Centre as a base for training, education and visiting Maulden Wood, and as a focus for woodland initiatives on the Greensand Ridge

Local environmental charity The Greensand Trust in partnership with Greensand Country is looking for Greensand Champions - groups or individual young people who are doing something amazing for the Greensand Country environment.

We want to hear what young people are doing and give them the recognition they deserve as our ‘Greensand Champions’ joining our digital Hall of Fame and receiving a Greensand Champions seed bomb.

Here are some of the entries we’ve received so far who are now recognised as Greensand Champions:

  • Maulden Lower School Year 2 class for their hard work recreating rare heathland habitat. They have scattered heather seeds, pulled out invading birch seedlings and learned about endangered heathland wildlife.
  • Flit Vale Wildlife Watch group for building hibernation hotels to shelter insects at Duck End Nature Reserve, scattering flower seeds and improving rare grassland in Ampthill Churchyard.
  • Heath and Reach Toad Patrol for helping toads, frogs and newts safely across the road to their breeding pond every spring since 2013.

What's a Greensand Champion?

A Greensand Champion could be, for example, a young person who:

- Offers ongoing support for a local environmental group or cause

- Undertakes proactive habitat enhancement in the Greensand Country landscape area taking action against climate change

- Understands, campaigns and shares information relating to the unique Greensand Country landscape and its vulnerability to climate change and other factors

Greensand Champions will receive a digital certificate and be entered into the Greensand Champions digital ‘Hall of Fame’ to inspire others. The first 100 applications will also be able to collect a free Greensand Champions seed bomb as a reward.

Award Categories

Young people from Greensand Country can become a Greensand Champion – you can nominate yourself or someone you feel deserves recognition for the great environmental work they are doing. Entries are open in the following three categories:

  • Individuals aged 10 and under
  • Individuals aged 11 – 18yrs
  • Groups e.g. schools, uniformed groups, youth groups

One overall winner will be chosen in each category by a panel of judges and named as Greensand Champion overall winners in March 2021.

Applications or nominations for the 2020 Greensand Champions scheme must be submitted by end January 2021. Full details of the scheme including many examples of what makes a Greensand Champion and application/nomination form are available here.

Erika Pratt, Education Co-ordinator at The Greensand Trust, who is leading the scheme, commented: “Greensand Champions aims to celebrate positive environmental action by supporting the achievements of those young people who are already committed and involved and challenge ourselves and others to do more - together we can really make a difference and help improve our local environment.”