Rushmere Country Park

**Update 8/6/21 Our heron chick has fledged the nest so we have turned off the livestream camera. With your support we hope to be back in Spring 2022**

As featured on BBC Countryfile Sunday 28/3/21 - however, please note our viewing platform is currently CLOSED.

Some of the nests are fitted with a camera which feeds live images through to our TV screen in the atrium, taking you inside the nest from the first egg to feeding chicks and the first flight!

Our Heron Watch volunteers have been keeping an eye on the herons and posting their observations via our new blog:

Check out our Heron Watch Blog HERE!

 In addition our photographic volunteer Alan has been busy taking photographs of the nesting pairs.

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Download our free Kids Heron Activity Sheet or for adults we have 21 things to know about Herons for you to find out more about our annual visitors! You may also find this article written by Dominic Couzens which featured in the 2018 October edition of Bird Watching of interest.

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