Clophill Lakes

The Greensand Trust wishes to establish a Nature Reserve, enabling otters, sand martins and colourful dragonflies in the wetlands, to skylarks and wildflowers in the grassland areas.  We will also provide public access in a sensitive and sustainable manner which conserves and enhances these emerging habitats, whilst enabling visitors to share in the benefits this very special environment provides.

Please help us achieve this by supporting our Clophill Lakes Appeal 

The akarmalife community likes to support local and international projects that help make a difference to peoples' lives. The natural environment impacts our health and wellbeing and having the opportunity to contribute to a local conservation project means a lot to us.

108 Sun Salutations - Yoga Charity Event

Thursday, 22 December at 6:15pm

It's back by demand! Our annual Christmas charity event, gathering as a community to raise money for a local cause. Sign up to do all 108 sun salutations or pair up with someone to share the effort. Never done yoga before? No problem, by the 20th sun salutation you'll have the hang of it! You will want to have a reasonable level of fitness and no shoulder injuries to take part.

A sun salutation is a flowing sequence of yoga postures. It builds heat in your body and is a challenge to do 108. If you are new to yoga or not sure your level of fitness will meet the demand, partner with someone. You are also welcome to skip a few or take a rest when you need to. It takes about 45 minutes to complete all 108 and you are guided through all of them by a yoga teacher. It starts with a warm up and finishes with a relaxation.

The event takes place at akarmalife studio in Ampthill: 2nd Floor, 4A Church St, Ampthill, Bedford MK45 2EH

Register here -

Olena Baker