The first heron of 2018 was spotted at the park on Saturday 27 January. Here's a poem by Stan the Visitor Services volunteer to celebrate the occasion. Please be aware that he is not always present - that includes Stan and the heron!

The Heron’s Return

There is no prize upon the table,
But still I hope that I am able,
To be the one, that is the first to see
That graceful bird glide to his tree.

When others come to claim a nest,
He’ll protect his choice against the rest,
And hope he can impress a mate
And set up home with little wait.

Impressing a new mate, is a success,
But last years nest is still a mess,
So countless trips down to the lake
For stick collection, they must make.

With skilful beaks, the nest they mend,
For soon they’ll have a clutch to tend
Of pale blue eggs and later chicks,
All supported by the new found sticks.

After many flights to bring home food,
To nurture their fast growing brood,
The parent birds will have the sight
Of their fledglings having their first flight.,

Now soon they will all fly away
And leave us wishing for the day,
When they return again to mate,
And complete the circle of their fate.