Rushmere Country Park

Tree planting near the Main Entrance of Rushmere Country Park took place in mid February. We were hoping to hold a community tree planting event for the prepared area close to our main entrance on Linslade Road, but unfortunately, due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to do this on this occasion. We will, however, involve the local community in our future planting projects.

Our team planted 800 trees in total - we selected 11 native tree species which have a benefit to the environment and support biodiversity. Trees which colonised the land after the last Ice Age and before the UK was disconnected from mainland Europe are classed as native. 

Here's a list of species and totals - further information on each species can be found here:

Pedunculate Oak – 280 trees

Silver Birch – 80 trees  

Aspen – 80 trees

Common Alder – 80 trees

Rowan – 40 trees

Holly – 40 trees

Guelder Rose – 40 trees

Alder Buckthorn – 40 trees

Dogwood – 40 trees

Goat Willow – 40 trees

The image shows generic tree planting - not at Rushmere Country Park.