Rushmere Country Park

We need your help! 

We're calling on all you crafty types to help us create a knitted trail in Rushmere Country Park this autumn on a Halloween theme. The items can be knitted, crotched, or even sewn - they just need to be something that is native to a Bedfordshire Woodland.

If you go down to the Woods in October you might find a knitted Halloween trail!

Woollen Woods will be back at the park this October Half Term on a Halloween theme and we need your help to create woollen wildlife native to Bedfordshire to be included in the trail. Bedfordshire is home to beautiful native, broad-leaved woodlands, some of which are very old! But woodlands need to be looked after to ensure they prosper as a home for wildlife such as wood ants, woodpeckers, dormice and rare plants like bluebells and lily of the valley, and our trail aims to raise awareness of the creatures who live there.

What should I make?

We've drawn up a list of suggestions here, but you are welcome to come up with your own:

  • bats
  • black cats
  • pumpkins
  • hedgehogs
  • owls
  • crows
  • magpies
  • frogs and toads
  • snakes,
  • toadstools
  • foxes, badgers
  • spiders and webs   
  • skeletons   
  • ghosts   
  • rabbits   
  • mice

If you would like to get involved and create an entry please fill in the entry form and return it to [email protected] letting us know what you will be making by 19th September 2021 and then drop off your creations to Herons View Visitor Centre before the 30th September 2021.

Your work will be displayed from 23rd October 2021 to the 1st November 2021 - we regret that we cannot return any of the items which may be re-used in future events.

What materials to use:

  • 100% wool or yarn with high wool content is best for displaying outside
  • Pale yellow and white acrylic yarns tend to go a bit patchy, so please limit their use
  • Felt or cotton
  • No buttons please

Where you can get patterns?

  • Talk to your local knitting or haberdashery shop
  • There is also a wide range of websites which offer free to download patterns

Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions for creating items to be used in the Woollen Wood Autumn Trail.

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