The Trust has wide experience in developing plans to identify and enable short, medium and long-term objectives for sites. Such proposals seek to both enhance conservation, minimise costs and support access where appropriate. Such proposals can unlock Stewardship and other sources of grant funding for a landowner.  

Aims/objectives of management planning:

Preparation of a management plan to ensure sites are managed to particular prescriptions and timescales that ensure the maintenance of features of interest, e.g. habitats, species, or heritage.

Management Plans include:

A description of the features of interest for which the site is being managed, with aims and objectives of management, the rationale behind the management, management prescriptions, monitoring schemes and a work programme. 

How much does it on average cost?

The average management plan costs between £500 - £1000.  However, costs depends on the size/complexity of the site, so once a site is identified we can provide an accurate quotation. 

Who have we provided this service for?

We have written plans for various local authorities (parish, district and county councils), organisations such as Natural England, and private landowners.

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