The Greensand Trust provides services to help facilitate and manage public access to sites.   

Our aims and objectives for visitor and access management are:

  • Access should be managed to protect the natural and historic environment, for those benefitting from it, both people and wildlife. 
  • Countryside sites should be where appropriate accessible to everyone, regardless of age. sex, physical or intellectual ability, ethnic or socio-economic background.
  • Any impact of access on the site, local or wider environment should be minimised.

Developing and Improving Access

We use our access management experience to identify and influence desire lines and access routes, such that people can enjoy the open space whilst protecting site sensitivities.  We also take into consideration the different types of access and use,  using zoning and access planning techniques to reduce any potential for conflict between users. 

Access Management

We can provide the following ongoing Access Management services:

  • Site Risk Assessments which inform the methodology of regular safety checks
  • Water safety audits; tree surveys  and other specialised assessment and reporting
  • Site checks and maintenance patrols  - to ensure all access routes, public areas and car parks are kept in a safe and usable condition
  • Organise and supervise volunteer involvement on the site
  • Engage with the local community and visitors 
  • Deter unauthorised activities, reporting to the landowner and or relevant authorities, where appropriate.
  • Ensure byelaws and or any other site controls, such as dog control orders are adhered to
  • Be on call to react to emergencies where appropriate

The Trust also manages horse and cycling permit schemes, tailored to specific needs, for various landowners who wish to allow such access but require appropriate pubic liability insurance and other controls.

How much does it on average costs?

Cost vary dependent on the scale of site and access; costs are calculated based on an assessment of the risks which require management,  providing a site check schedule and maintenance schedule of works.

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