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The Greensand Ridge and wider area.

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About Rushmere Country Park

Rushmere Country Park is a great place to discover nature and enjoy outdoor leisure pursuits.



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Dormouse Appeal

The Doormouse is an endangered species yet we've been successful in helping this lovely creature to thrive in Maulden Wood - but we need your help to ensure we can continue this work and make a real difference.



Target amount: £500.00

Amount raised: £20.40

Restoring Shire Oak Heath Appeal

Help us raise funds to purchase neighbouring Shire Oak Heath and bring it into the park. The current owners, recognising the work of The Greensand Trust to improve the surrounding area and habitats, have agreed to transfer the land to us on the understanding that we launch a public appeal to help raise the funds to secure the site and its restoration.


Author: Sample Content

Target amount: £50,000.00

Amount raised: £43,869.99

Greensand Ridge map

Our area is full of great places to visit and things to do and see. Whether you would like to try mountain biking or just want to walk the dog you'll find it all here.



What's on

  • Wild Night Out 2018

    Experience the dark side of Rushmere Country Park on a special VIP after-hours adventure, a night-time walk in the woods with the Greensand Trust rangers. Read more

What's new

  • Route to Rushmere to avoid road closures

    With roadworks leading to road closures on both the Leighton road and Stoke Road, we are advising visitors from Leighton to take the Plantation Road route or the Woburn road from the A5 roundabout to avoid these closures. Read more

  • Greensand Highlights - Summer 2018

    See all the latest news and events from across The Greensand Trust in the Summer edition of our quarterly e-newsletter Greensand Highlights. Read more

  • Doing our bit for AmpRocks, Proms and Gala Day

    This weekend in Ampthill concert goers will no doubt notice the stalls, stages and sound systems at Ampthill Great Park that support the concerts and Gala Day, but spare a thought for the detailed landscape management that Ranger John Fensom and his team (Lee and Jamie) carry out in preparation for these events working for local environmental charity The Greensand Trust which helps Ampthill Town Council manage Ampthill Great Park and other sites around Ampthill. Read more