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Help us conserve, enhance and protect the distinctive landscape, wildlife and history of
The Greensand Ridge and wider area.

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Follow the Countryside Code

If you enjoy spending time outdoors in the countryside green spaces we look after, we need your help to help us keep them safe and enjoyable by following the Countryside Code.


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Support us

Heron Watch Appeal

Help us raise funds to provide equipment to enable us to bring Heron Watch to you digitally so you can still see all the action in the nests!


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Target amount: £1,700.00

Amount raised: £311.49


Clophill Lakes Appeal

Donations made to this appeal will be matched by The Peter Smith Charitable Trust so donate now! Please help us ensure we can protect and establish new nature reserve Clophill Lakes as a high quality haven for nature.


Author: Carolyn Londer-Ward

Target amount: £295,000.00

Amount raised: £211,203.66


Tree Sponsorship

You can sponsor one of the avenue of trees that line our entrance drive at Rushmere Country Park - a perfect way to commemorate a loved one.


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Greensand Country map

Greensand Country is full of great places to visit and things to do and see. Whether you want to go mountain biking or walk the dog you'll find it all here.



What's on

  • Heron Watch is back for 2024

    Heron Watch is back at the park - come and view the herons from the deck and see live footage from nests on our atrium screen! Read more

  • Walk the Ridge: Led Greensand Ridge Walks

    As part of the Greensand Country Festival, we are running led walks along the Greensand Ridge Route. The walks will be broken down into 3 manageable sections (no more than 14 miles) and will take place on Saturdays. Read more

  • Explore Sandy Smith Nature Reserve

    Join us for a FREE mid-morning walk with our ecologist around our Sandy Smith Nature Reserve. We’ll explore what peat is, why it is so important, and how it has shaped the landscape of the Flit Valley.  Read more

What's new

  • ‘Outfall Safari’ yields results!

    A group of Greensand Trust volunteers have helped identify (and hopefully solve) a pollution issue in the River Ouzel in Leighton Buzzard through their ‘Outfall Safari’ activities. Read more

  • Environmental charities putting peat on the map

    The Greensand Trust and its collaborative initiative the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership, working with The Wildlife Trust Beds, Cambs & Northants has launched a new project “Putting Peat on the Map” - focussing on improving our understanding of peat along the River Flit in Bedfordshire. Read more

  • Clophill Lakes - February 2024 Update

    Establishment works at Clophill Lakes are making good progress despite severe delays caused by adverse weather in the past couple of months. Cetti’s warblers were heard in the lakeside vegetation before Christmas for the first time. Read more