If you would like to organise an event or activity on a Greensand Trust site you will need to apply to register your event to ensure your activity is in keeping with the protection of the site, its sensitivities and the safety of other users.

ALL organised groups and events must therefore be registered, you can apply using this Organised Event or Activity Request form.

In the majority of cases, once your form is registered, there will be no charge for using the site  although as we're a charity we would encourage you to support us through parking, refreshments, retail where available or by making a donation to support the site.

Commercial activity on our sites

If your activity or site use relates to something for which you receive payment or consideration, it is therefore ‘commercial activity’ for which you will require a permit for your activity before your activity takes place.

The Greensand Trust and its partner Central Bedfordshire Council reserves the right to require any unauthorised event or party to be removed from site and those involved may also be held legally liable or subject to a penalty charge.   


Parking is available for some sites.  Rushmere and The Working Woodlands Centre operate a pay-on exit/entry system which requires visitors to pay a charge on exiting or entering the site.  However if you intend to access the site via Coach or Minibus there is an additional charge for access and parking, due to the limited parking available to the site. 

Large groups who come to the park for self-led visits will be charged £25 for parking a minibus and £50 for a coach - please see Visitor Services.

Site Hire

Please note if your activity involves a specific indoor or outdoor area of the site, venue or site hire charges may also apply, details will be provided based on your enquiry. 

Suitability & Limits

Whilst we are happy to support events and activities on our sites, our primary responsibility is to ensure activities are compatible with the protection of the site and its biodiversity.

Use and activities must be sustainable and in keeping with the environment.  Use and activities will only be granted where advantages to the site and the public outweigh any potential disturbance / damage. Permission or permits will not be issued for activities which would cause substantial damage to the natural or cultural heritage of the site or surrounding area. Strict terms and conditions apply to protect the park.