The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is a programme funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver an array of exciting projects helping us raise awareness of the heritage value of Greensand Country (the Greensand Ridge and surrounding river valleys) and to reverse the gradual decline in the distinct landscape character of this beautiful and loved place. 

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is led by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and local environment charity, The Greensand Trust, and is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It is made possible by National Lottery players; without them we couldn’t fund the project.

Greensand Country Festival 2019

One of the partnership's flagship projects is the Greensand Country Festival which this year takes place throughout May - with several events taking place across the area each day there's something for everyone to get involved in.

Greensand Country Festival events are listed here.