Working Woodlands

The Working Woodlands project aims to protect, enhance and promote the woodlands of the Greensand Ridge for their biodiversity, heritage and recreational value, their role in the landscape, as providers of ecosystem services, and as part of the rural economy.

Main objectives of the project are to:

  • better understand our local woodlands, their importance, the challenges they face and possible solutions
  • raise awareness of the importance of our local woodlands and their management and encourage people to visit and enjoy them responsibly
  • promote the beneficial and sustainable management of our local woodlands
  • continue to develop the Working Woodlands Centre as a base for training, education and visiting Maulden Wood, and as a focus for woodland initiatives on the Greensand Ridge

Things to see and do

  • Nature Discovery Area

    The Nature Discovery Area at The Working Woodlands Centre is open for children to discover the natural world around them. Read more

  • Our Key Stage programmes

    We offer a range of Key Stage programmes aimed at engaging young people with their environment. Read more

  • Why we need volunteers

    Join our team of volunteers and help us to improve the environment for the benefit of all. Read more

  • Working Woodlands Centre

    The Working Woodlands Centre is the head office of The Greensand Trust located at the entrance to Maulden Woods and offers a Training and Education room and a smaller meeting room for hire - ideal for off-site meetings. We've plenty parking and can organise catering too! Read more

  • Pond dipping in Maulden Wood

    Volunteers have installed a pond dipping platform in Maulden Woods, which gives us access to study a different habitat. Read more

Events at the Working Woodlands Centre

  • Greensand Trust Talk: Spiders

    Our series of Greensand Trust Talk continues at The Working Woodlands Centre at Maulden Wood where our volunteer Tom Thomas will tell us why these much-maligned and often feared creatures are in fact "good companions". Read more

  • Autumn Wreath Workshop

    Join The Greensand Trust and local craftsman Guy Lambourne of Wassledine for a visit to Maulden Wood and an enjoyable and productive craft session at the Trust’s Working Woodlands Centre where you'll learn to make a stunning Autumnal Wreath. Read more

  • Greensand Trust Talk: Dormice of Maulden Woods - Cancelled

    ** Cancelled ** Did you know that Maulden Woods are home to an endangered and much-loved mammal species – the dormouse? Join our Greensand Trust Educational Volunteers Ann de Winter and Helen Gabler to hear how they have been monitoring and looking after these rare and beautiful creatures whose habitat is now under threat. Read more