If you would like to use a Greensand Trust site for a commercial activity, you will need to apply for a permit to ensure your activity is in keeping with the protection of the site, its sensitivities and the safety of other users. 

What is a Commercial Activity?

Any activity which is conducted for gain is considered a commercial activity and can be conducted only under a permit.  This includes non-profit making organisations, for example a charity that may be charging for participation in an event.   Commercial activities on site are managed to ensure minimal environmental impact and the delivery of high-quality visitor services. In some areas, the number of permits issued is limited to protect the environment and visitor experiences. Examples of commercial activities include:

  • selling items
  • supplying services or facilities
  • commercial dog walking
  • commercial photography or filming
  • advertising or promoting the use of the park as part of your business
  • where an activity or use is provided for a charge, financial gain or other consideration


To obtain a permit for an activity, you will be required to have public liability insurance sufficient to cover any liabilities that may reasonably be expected to arise in using the permit.

To comply with the conditions of your permit, your insurance policy must provide at least the minimum public liability cover specified for the activity covered by the permit, in respect of:

  • the death of or injury to any person, or
  • the loss of or damage to any property

If you do not comply with any of the permit conditions, your permit may be suspended or cancelled and you may be legally liable to penalties or compensation. If you wish to clarify any of this information, you should discuss it with an appropriate Greensand Trust officer at the office at which your application is being processed.


Permits can authorise one-off or multiple trips over an extended period, ranging up to a current maximum of one year. Issuing such a permit does not convey any commitment by The Greensand Trust to allow continuing operations.

Terms and conditions will apply including the agreement to pay fees, payment of costs (such as for restoration works), indemnity, insurance requirements, safety responsibilities and any other requirements.

Commercial activity permits cannot be transferred. If an individual or enterprise holding a permit changes or is sold, the new owner must obtain a new activity permit to carry out activities.

To apply for a permit please complete our Commercial Activity Request form.


Fees are charged for commercial activities to help The Greensand Trust meet direct and indirect costs in making resources and facilities available to users.

Commercial Activity Fees will usually be calculated on a minimum of 15% of the revenue generated through the activity using the site. For instance if you provide an event where a participant pays a £10 charge, the Commercial Activity permit fee would be £1.50 per person.

Fees relating to commercial activities are:

  • An application fee which must be paid when an application is lodged. This fee is charged to defray the costs involved in administering and assessing the application. It is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Usually a minimum charge is £25 though may be higher if a complex investigation or assessment is required to process the application. In such cases the applicant will be notified before charges are applied.

  • A deposit fee which is usually paid in advance of any commercial permit once it has been agreed to allow a permit to be issued.  Usually calculated as 20% of expected revenue, again this deposit is non-refundable once the commercial permit has been issued
  • A permit fee which is charged on a per client basis. (Larger operations contribute more.) Recurring fees are payable when a monthly return for activities carried out in the previous month is lodged. These returns and fees payable must be lodged within 30 days of the end of each month.

The permit fee will usually be calculated at 15% of the revenue generated though the commercial activity less any deposit already paid.

Recurring permit fees are usually calculated at 15% of the value of the activities carried out in the previous month lodged.

Charities and non-profit making groups will usually be calculated at 10% of the value of activities.  

Though for some activities other calculations may apply but in such cases they will be advised on application.  


In order for your permit fee to be accurately calculated you are required to complete a return after your event.  This may be completed by e-mail or letter but must be submitted within 30 days of your activity having taken place or monthly if a regularly recurring activity.

This must include:

Date/dates of activity

Time spent on site

Number of Participants

Method of travel to site

Total of all revenue/ fees/ remunerations raised in relation to the activity

Value/% contribution due to site