We need your help to continue our valuable work, conserving, protecting and enhancing green spaces along The Greensand Ridge and surrounding area to benefit local people and wildlife. We receive no core funding and rely on your donations for our work.

If you've enjoyed your visit to Rushmere County Park or one of the many local sites we help to look after, please consider a donation to help support our work. The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought many additional challenges and expenses at a time when our fundraising ability has been severely curtailed. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we need your help:

  • increased costs due to COVID-19 for increased safety measures and cleaning 
  • increased waste management costs resulting from higher visitor numbers during the pandemic
  • supporting our Ranger Service to look after our sites - wildlife conservation and safety 
  • maintaining and improving cycling trails
  • improving visitor facilities on our sites
  • supporting our education team and their work with local schools and groups
  • supporting our volunteers for conservation tasks, Visitor Services and Heron Watch