Rushmere Country Park

With your continued support we will continue to capture the heron action as it happens!

In normal times our visitors love to view the herons nesting at the park each Spring, clearly visible from the visitor centre's deck. As the Visitor Centre currently remains closed, we're investing in equipment to bring Heron Watch to you digitally so you don't have to miss out on the action!

Heron Watch 2021 is now over as our young chicks have fledged their nests but we still need to raise funds to purchase and maintain digital cameras placed in a number of nests which we used this year to livestream to our website with the aid of a subscription to a digital streaming service which we need to fund.

In addition we still need to look after our binoculars and telescope, as well as our HD in-nest cameras which feed images directly from the nests to our TV screens in the Visitor Centre.

We'd like to thank Opticron for their kind donation of our binoculars and telescope which help to enhance Heron Watch for our visitors. However, we still need your help to maintain them as Heron Watch can take its toll on these items with so many visitors handling them!

The Greensand Trust also supports a team of generous volunteers who give up their time to support Heron Watch each year, sharing their expert knowledge with visitors and helping them make the most of their Heron Watch experience. This year we are hoping our volunteers can share their sightings via our website.

How your money will help:

  • Monthly subscription in the Spring months to a digital streaming service so we can livestream the herons via our website
  • Ensure that our equipment is well maintained
  • We'd like to buy additional optical devices for visitors to use
  • We'd like to purchase additional HD cameras to place in more nests 
  • We need to ensure the in-nest cameras are cleaned and maintained at least once a year
  • Support for our Heron Watch volunteers