Rushmere Country Park

RUSHMERE Ridge Riders Cross Country Cycle Trail OPEN (Greensand Pass required) The free entry access points into the park which do not require a pass are OPEN. Ridge Riders Downhill Zone OPEN with some areas closed off with tape.

WOBURN WOODS Woburn bike trails and jump activity areas are OPEN

Cycling at Rushmere

Rushmere Ridge Riders Cross Country Trail and Downhill Zone

Rushmere Country Park is a great place for cycling. We have cross country downhill trails, jumps and a pump track, so everyone can have fun and improve their skills here. The sandy soil makes the site rideable all year round.

You can cycle into the park using a number of free public access paths, including the Public Bridleway, from the nearby villages of Heath and Reach and Great Brickhill (BLUE on the park map)– these bring you to the Visitor Centre ONLY.

Other than these free access paths, if you wish to use our network of specialist cycle trails and jump areas - the Rushmere Ridge Riders Cross Country Trail and Downhill Zone - you will need to purchase a Greensand Cycling Pass available here 

When buying your pass please consider the 'Gift Aid' option, which includes a small donation to our charity, making VAT not applicable and we can claim a further 25p for every £1 you contribute.

We offer the Greensand Cycle Pass as a single day or annual option. The Greensand Cycle Pass protects both the user and landowner against third-party liability and helps to fund the maintenance and safety checks of these areas.

Terms and conditions apply:

The Ridge Riders Cross Country Trail

Approximately 6km long, this XC route takes you almost around the whole of Rushmere Country Park. The uphill sections will challenge your fitness, but it’ll be worth the effort when you’re coming down the other side! The route is blue graded, with some red sections - follow the red-topped posts (pictured) to keep you on track.

  • Shared paths - cyclists will encounter other park users, such as walkers and horse riders. Please take care, warn others of your approach and reduce speed
  • Vehicles may also be encountered on some off-road routes
  • Ensure the route is safe and you have the required skill before riding

The Ridge Riders Cross Country Trail (ORANGE on the park map) is OPEN for use with a Greensand Cycle Pass available online as an annual or daily option. 

The Ridge Riders Downhill Zone

Newly developed with the help of local specialists and our volunteers offering multiple blue, red and black graded downhill trails.

Blue Trails 

Intermediate: Trails are rollable but may include moderately steep or technical sections.

Red trails 

Advanced: Trails are predominantly rollable but may include advanced features such as drops and optional gap jumps.

Black Trails

Expert: Trails include large gap jumps and other expert features.

The Ridge Riders Downhill Area is now OPEN for use with a Greensand Cycle Pass available online as an annual or daily option. 


Please note our Ridge Riders Cross Country trail and Jump Area are aimed at more experienced mountain bikers and are not suitable for younger inexperienced riders.

Please also ensure you check our terms and conditions carefully and abide by them at all times.

**Please note purchase of a Greensand Cycle Pass does not include the parking fee**

Pump Track

Located near the entrance to the Rushmere Ridge Riders Downhill Zone, this short, leisurely loop is perfect for young riders and beginners to get into cycling. It is free to access and does not require the purchase of the Greensand Cycling Pass.


Martin W commented on our Ridge Riders Cross Country cycling trail via Google Reviews:

Really good ride out around the adventurous bike track in the countryside.

Download our Rushmere Cycling Map