Rushmere Country Park

    How to pay for your parking at Rushmere 

    We have an automatic number plate recognition (APNR) parking system in operation at the park. You must pay for your parking before you leave the car park at both entrances as there is no payment possible at the exit barrier.

    Holders of the Greensand Parking Pass are no longer required to present their pass at the exit barrier as their vehicles will now be recognised by the ANPR system. 

    Payment is either by using the free Flowbird app available to download to your mobile device from your App Store or onsite using payment machines located near both visitor centres where you can pay by card or cash. You will need to make sure you pay before you exit. 

    If there are queues at peak times, you can pay at Visitor Services.

    We recommend you download the app to your device before you visit (although we do have free WiFi available at both visitor centres) and register your vehicle to make paying before you exit quick and easy.

    Main Car Park:

    Pay before you leave using bank card (contactless or chip & pin) or coins (no change given) at the payment machines located outside the Herons' View Visitor Centre, Linslade Road, Heath and Reach, Bedfordshire LU7 0EB

    Stockgrove Car Park: 

    Limited spaces available, pay before you leave using bank card (contactless or chip & pin) or coins (no change given) at the payment machine located at located at Brickhill Road, Heath and Reach, Bedfordshire LU7 0BA

    Free WiFi available for the parking app

    Alternatively download the FLOWBIRD parking app from your App Store, register your vehicle and pay on your mobile device. The app will operate more easily if you make use of the free WiFi available at both visitor centres - or you can pay inside the Herons' View Visitor Centre when it's open.

    Holders of a Greensand Parking Pass no longer need to present their card at the exit barrier - it should raise as you approach.

    Tiered parking charges

    Our faster, more responsive automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, offers tiered parking charges which we believe will improve the site's overall capacity and flow of visitors in and out of the park and better relate to visitors' needs providing options for short, mid and long term stays.

    Charges are as follows:

    Save Money with an Annual Greensand Parking Pass

    If you're a regular visitor to the park, you will make huge savings by buying an annual Greensand Parking Pass - and if you choose the Gift Aid option you can support the work we do even more!

    Buy your Greensand Parking Pass here

    Larger vehicles and group parking

    Large groups who come to the park for self-led visits will be charged £25 for parking a minibus and £50 for a coach - please see Visitor Services.

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