Rushmere Country Park

Responsible dog owners are welcome to walk their dogs at Rushmere Country Park within designated areas - both on and off the lead. For the safety of everyone visitors must abide by our rules regarding our on and off lead areas and pick up after their dog.

Since the park was opened in 2011 we have developed a zoned approach to the site that provides areas where visitors have access and other largely conservation areas where visitors are not allowed. Most importantly there are some areas where dogs must be kept On Leads - these tend to be the busier parts of the park. 

On Lead Areas of the Park

To avoid any confusion over which areas require all dogs to be On Lead we have updated our signage around the park - we have not changed any of our existing On Lead zones, we are simply making it easier for our visitors to identify where they are and we ask that all dog walkers respect our dog walking zones for the safety of their dog and other park users.

Please note the car parks are On Lead areas so please make sure they are on a lead before leaving your vehicle.

Download our revised leaflet: Dog Walking in Rushmere Country Park

This shows you where dogs are allowed with or without a lead and areas where they are not permitted, alternatively you can pick a copy in our Visitor Centre.

It also details where water is provided for dogs and the location of poo bins which we urge you to use. Dog walking is not allowed on dedicated cycling and horse riding routes where the Horse Riders Only and Cyclists Only signage is in place:

Same key points to consider when walking your dog at Rushmere

  • Please keep your dog under close control at all times
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of poo responsibly - either use our poo bins or take it home for disposal
  • Respect other visitors, especially those with children - not everyone enjoys your pet’s attention, friendly or not
  • Please do not allow your dog to jump up at other visitors
  • Please do not allow your dog or their lead to become entangled with other visitors
  • Please respect all signs and requests from the park team

Dog Fun Area

We have a dedicated Dog Fun Area located at the back of the main car park where dogs can exercise without a lead, ideal if you’re short on time. To ensure this area, and all areas areas of the park, is enjoyed safely by all users please note:

  • We cannot guarantee that this area is secure for all dogs
  • Any equipment is used at owner’s risk
  • Please respect other users of this and every area of the park where dog walking is permitted 
  • Dogs causing a nuisance will be asked to leave the site

Professional dog walkers

Professional dog walkers need to apply for a permit to conduct their business on our land - apply here

**While we are a dog friendly park, we are sorry to say we cannot allow dogs in the Tree Tops Cafe. Dog owners are requested to visit The Deck outside to the left of the double doors.**

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