Heron Watch sponsored by………..You!

Launched in 2012 and seasonally attracting over 6,000 visitors during the months of Feb to May to learn more about Rushmere’s most popular seasonal residents.

Visitor engagement is facilitated by Heron Volunteers, whose knowledge combined with views from a new HD camera, provide live close up footage of nests, fact sheets and specialist talks are a real draw.  With many more visitors becoming regulars at the Tree Tops Café for the opportunity to observe the Heronry and their occupants.


  • Be our event sponsor from Feb – May and help us refresh the interpretation, maintain the camera and other equipment and help us to engage people with our seasonal residents seeking £1,500 in sponsorship.
  • We have one HD camera it would be great to get more of these sponsored so we could show views from multiple nests. Each camera costs £2200 + £700 per year maintenance.
  • HD Nest Cameras seeking £900 in sponsorship per camera.
  • Good quality binoculars seeking £150 in sponsorship per set are a must if visitors are to see the full picture!
  • A Decking Telescope with commemorative plaque seeking £2,000 in sponsorship.

To express your interest in sponsoring any of our specific opportunities, or indeed for general sponsorship of the Trust, please fill in this form.