All cross country cycle routes are OPEN.

The jump area is OPEN as well but there are a few sections that are closed off until further notice, these have been cordoned off with hazard tape.

Horse trails at Rushmere are now OPEN.
Woburn Ridge Riders Cross Country Bike Trails and Jump Area are now OPEN 
Horse trails at Woburn are OPEN.

Site Closures  

Adverse weather conditions such as snow and gales will result in closure for public safety

Our Ranger team monitors the Met Office weather warning system for weather conditions and will take any reasonable action to close sites to the public when the following make conditions hazardous:

  • Wind gust speeds exceed 42 mph/Force 7-8.
  • Snow (5 cm and above) and Ice.

If advance weather reports indicate that these conditions will exceed the above criteria, a decision may be made to close entrances until conditions improve and a Ranger has inspected the site.

Please note that it is not feasible to close all entrances to all sites, but we shall, as soon as is practical, close main entrances or identify the increased risk via this web page and via our social media channels.

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