The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership, an initiative hosted by The Greensand Trust, is proud to launch an innovative pilot project, which provides information on farming and conservation to those exploring Greensand Country.

QR code markers have been installed across the Greensand Ridge Footpath and other public footpaths in the area between Northill, Thorncote Green, and Beeston. Scanning these will link to information on our website about what is growing in that field and what it is used for. The platform also enables us to include information about what farmers are doing to protect and enhance habitats in and around agricultural fields and provide interesting insights into the area’s local history.

Unlike a conventional information panel, we can update the website to reflect what is going on in the fields across the different seasons, meaning there will always be something new to discover. Providing this information in an easy and accessible way will hopefully help people to understand more about what is growing in the fields around them and where the produce ends up. We will be monitoring the project throughout the year and hope to expand to other areas of Greensand Country if successful.

The pilot is part of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership’s wider aim to engage more closely with farmers and landowners, supporting them and also improving public awareness around farming. Agriculture in Greensand Country has a rich history, with the evolution of market gardening, the first tractors, and modern sustainable and conservation-focused farming and viticulture. By working with farmers, we can celebrate the unique contribution that agriculture has made to the landscape.

Farmer Nick Parrish says:

Getting involved with this new Greensand Country project has been a great way to share what we are doing on the farm with the public, whether that be what we are growing or what we are doing to develop better habitats for wildlife.

Partnership Coordinator Daniel Bowles, who is managing this project commented:

I am delighted to be able to launch this pilot project. Making information interesting and accessible is always at the heart of our approach and we are pleased to support local farmers. Interpreting areas using new methods will hopefully provide us with a tool we can expand to other farms across Greensand Country.

Discover more here:

We would like to thank Nick Parrish, Adrian Baker, Simon Maudlin and Mick Buck for giving up their time and sharing their knowledge of their farms. Their support has made this pilot possible.

Please share your experience of using the QR codes with us, so we can continually monitor and improve how we share information. Email: [email protected]