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Volunteers are an essential and valued part of The Greensand Trust and volunteer opportunities are numerous and varied. The time, skills and experience that volunteers bring enable us to conserve and promote the landscape, wildlife and history of the Greensand Ridge and the wider surrounding areas. Improving access, understanding and enjoyment for the benefit of everyone. Your volunteering is hugely appreciated and integral to our structure.

You can see the volunteer opportunities we offer here

If you are interested in any or would like further details, contact Sarah Preston, tel: 01525 234264, email: [email protected]

The Local Friends Groups we support

A key part of our volunteering is working together with local friends groups to manage and look after their particular green space. You can see which Friends Groups we work with here:

Friends of Ampthill Great Park — If you have an interest in the park and would like to be more actively involved you can join the Friends of Ampthill Great Park. Friends can support the park in many ways. 

Friends of Edgewick Farm — The Friends of Edgewick Farm by and large represent the users of the area. The Friends of Edgewick Farm volunteers meet on the first Sunday of every month, at 9.30am by the barn on Woodland Way to carry out the upkeep as recommended by The Greensand Trust, and any other enhancements to the area that are felt appropriate. Friends who are unable to attend the volunteer mornings offer support in a variety of ways, from raising public awareness to raising funds, helping with computing support to identifying plant and animal species on the farm. 

Friends of Knolls Wood — The Friends of Knolls Wood aim to keep the woodlands at their best through a number of weekend volunteer sessions undertaking a range of tasks in the woods. Knolls Wood has been designated an area of Great Landscape Value and is covered by Tree Preservation Orders, thanks to its range of exotic and ornamental tree specimens. Get involved to enjoy and protect this special place.

Friends of Linslade Wood — The Friends of Linslade Wood were formed to care for the woodland and its wildlife. Working closely with Central Bedfordshire Council which owns the site, and The Greensand Trust, they actively involve and encourage the local community to take part in social activities and in conservation work on action days throughout the year.

Friends of Studham Common — The Friends of Studham Common are a friendly, informal group who meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Their aim is to conserve, improve and promote the Common as a haven for wildlife and a place to be enjoyed by all. They warmly welcome new members of all ages and support of all kinds. Join in any time to help keep the Common beautiful for everyone.

Friends of Tiddenfoot - Friends of Tiddenfoot Waterside Park (pictured) were formed to advance the sympathetic development of the Park for community use while maintaining, improving and creating wildlife habitats within it, increasing awareness of conservation issues and enhancing community cohesion through involvement and understanding of local wildlife, conservation and heritage projects.

Horsetrail Riders and Oakwood & Rushmere Horse Riders

These volunteer wardens cover the woods managed by The Greensand Trust from Aspley Guise, Bow Brickhill, and Woburn to Rushmere. They check bridleways, permissive horse routes, paths and public routes for obstructions, vandalism and litter. The wardens also report any incident/event that could cause visitor injury or concern and advise riders to hold a current horse permit. the links above are to their private Facebook groups which you can apply to join if this is of interest to you - they keep all riders informed about events, changes and maintenance in the woods managed by The Greensand Trust.

Woburn Bike Trails — Run and supported by a dedicated group of volunteers, Woburn Bike Trails offers a host of opportunities for those who wish to get involved in improving and maintaining our cycle trails to do so. An eclectic mix of all ages and backgrounds our Woburn Bike Team Leaders and Trail Volunteers are made up of permit holding cyclists, Club members and local residents who all care passionately about Aspley Woods and who want to help preserve and improve the cycle and mountain biking environment for current and future generations. You can join us and get involved as little or as often as you like. So whatever your age, and whatever your background, just contact us and we’ll let you know what to do and how to join in. You can help with the cross-country trails, the bike park or if you are really keen, both areas!