Greensand Country Landscape Partnership

The Greensand Country Landscape Partnership is delivering an array of exciting projects helping to raise awareness of the heritage value of the Greensand Country. Read more

Bedfordshire & Luton Biodiversity Recording & Monitoring Centre

The Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Montoring Centre (BRMC) is the first port of call for biodiversity information for Bedfordshire and Luton. Read more

Upper and Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership

Working to deliver projects that will improve water quality, channel structure, habitat quality and biodiversity in the Upper and Bedford Ouse Catchment. Read more

Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership

The Bedfordshire Local Nature Partnership brings together a wide range of partners from the public, private and third sectors actively engaged in protecting and enhancing Bedfordshire’s natural environment. Read more

Greensand Ridge Nature Improvement Area

The Greensand Ridge Nature Improvement Area is a partnership working to achieve a real and lasting difference to the habitats, species and landscape of the Greensand Ridge. Read more