Rushmere Country Park

Conservation seasoned hardwood from Rushmere Country Park is available to buy from the main car park visitor centre. Properly seasoned, it's ideal for wood burners and home fires.

As a charity running the park on a not for profit basis, all proceeds from sales are re-invested into the park making this an ideal way to support us.

  • Firewood £8 a bag
  • Multi buy offer of Firewood 5 bags for £37.50
  • Kindling £5.50 a bag

We are Ready to Burn accredited

Our conservation seasoned hardwood and kindling have been certified as Ready to Burn under the DEFRA accreditation scheme and meet legal requirements regarding air quality and domestic wood burning. Certified wood fuels will give you more heat from each piece of Ready to Burn wood fuel burnt. They burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood and reduce the environmental impact of burning. Using proven dry wood is also better for your appliance and chimney and will help reduce maintenance and fuel costs. The Ready to Burn certification scheme makes it easier than ever for people to identify fuels that meet legal requirements, so they can have complete confidence in what they’re buying. Find out more about the scheme at