Maulden Woods consists of ancient Maulden Wood on the boulder clay soils to the north and the younger conifer plantations of Pennyfather’s Hills to the south. 

The old part of the wood is home to a wealth of wildlife from bluebells to purple emperor butterflies and you can see old woodbanks marking historic ownership boundaries.  The warm sandy soils further south permit pleasant walking at all times of year and support very different wildlife, most obvious being the huge mound nests of woodants.

Parking is available in the Deadman’s Hill lay-by on the A6 north of Clophill.  Access on foot is possible via a number of public footpaths, including the Greensand Ridge Walk.  A network of horse trails is accessible from local pubic bridleways.

You can download a map of the woods here. 

These Woods are owned and managed by Forestry England’s Chilterns Team who can be contacted on 01296 625825.  More information on this woodland is available at: