We want to encourage children – and just as importantly, their parents and carers – to rediscover the natural environment as a place to explore and enjoy by playing naturally. Here at The Greensand Trust we strongly believe in using the natural outdoor environment to stimulate the imagination and encourage children and young people to use creative play to understand and appreciate our natural surroundings. 

We are custodians of a number of countryside sites - woodlands, meadows and other natural and managed wild spaces. Some of these are accessible to visitors and we encourage natural play at these sites. While formal playgrounds with swings, roundabouts and slides are fun, we feel our natural world is sometimes overlooked - yet it can be the best playground of all!

Great play spaces:

• stimulate the senses

• provide space to move

• offer a variety of different experiences

• are great for social interaction

• allow physical activity

• challenge and test children

• allow manipulation of natural materials

• encourage learning about the natural world

Growing evidence suggests that natural play environments have considerable play value as they stimulate imagination and offer the opportunity for increasing confidence and fitness.
There’s so much for everyone to do in the countryside - balancing, chasing, climbing, crawling, creeping, dodging, hiding, hanging, hopping, hunting, jumping, paddling, rolling, running, sliding, spinning, swinging and tumbling - and so much more!