ALL organised groups and events must register by completing the Organised Group / Activity Site Use Form. 

Please fill out the form giving as much detail as possible

  1. Definitions

For the purpose of this document the definition ‘permit holder’ means any organised group, event and or commercial activity granted permission or permit 

Definition of a ‘commercial activity’ is any activity which is conducted for gain.  This includes non-profit making organisations, for example a charity who may be charging for participation in an event.   Commercial activities on sites are managed to ensure minimal environmental impact and the delivery of high-quality visitor services. In some areas, the number of permits is limited to protect the environment and visitor experiences.

  1. Confirmation and or refusal

The Greensand Trust reserves the right to refuse or withdraw permission for you activity, such refusal will usually be due to site or activity suitability.

  1. Payment & Fees

Fees are charged for commercial activities to help the Greensand Trust meet direct and indirect costs in making resources and facilities available to users.

Commercial activity fees will usually be calculated on a minimum of 15% of the revenue generated though the activity using the site. For instance if you provide an event where participants pay a £10 charge, the commercial activity permit fee would be £1.50 per person.

Fees relating to commercial activities are:

  • Application fee which must be paid when an application is lodged. This fee is charged to defray the costs involved in administering and assessing the application. It is not refunded if the application is unsuccessful.

Usually a minimum charge is £25 though may be higher if complex investigations or assessments are required to process the application, in such cases the applicant will be notified before charges applied

  • Deposit fee which is usually paid in advance once any commercial permit has been agreed, to allow a permit to be issued.  Usually calculated as 20% of expected revenue, again this deposit is non-refundable once the commercial permit has been issued
  • Permit fees are charged on a per client basis. (Larger operations contribute more.) Recurring fees are payable when a monthly return for activities carried out in the previous month is lodged. These returns and fees payable must be lodged within 30 days of the end of each month.

The permit fee will usually be calculated at 15% of the revenue generated though the commercial activity less any deposit already paid.

Recurring Permit fees are usually calculated at 15% of the value of the activities carried out in the previous month lodged.

Charities and non-profit making groups will usually be calculated at 10% of the value of activities, though for some activities other calculations may apply but in such cases they will be advised on application. 

Please note if your activity involves a specific area of the site, venue or site Hire charges may also apply, details of which can be found on our Rushmere Venue Hire Guidance Sheet (Form RG4). Booking can be made via the Rushmere Booking Request Form RA4


In order for you Permit Fee to be accurately calculated you are required to complete a return after your event.  This may be completed by e-mail or letter but must be submitted within 30 days of your activity having taken place or monthly if a regularly recurring activity.

This must include:

Date/dates of activity

Time spent on site

Number of participants

Method of travel to site

Total of all revenue/fees/remunerations raised in relation to the activity

Value/% contribution due to site

5 Insurance

Please note that you should ensure you have all necessary public liability and other insurances for your event, activity or use. The Trust accepts no responsibility, or liability for any loss, damage or injury which may occur in relation to your use.

The permit holder will indemnify the Greensand Trust against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including all legal costs calculated on a full indemnity basis and other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by the Greensand Trust arising out or in connection with any claim made against Greensand by a third party arising out of or in connection with the permit granted by the Greensand Trust under this agreement.


  1. Publicity and Programme

Any publicity material which relates to or identifies the site should not be circulated until this has been submitted to and approved by the Greensand Trust. Copies of the event programme or literature should be sent at least two weeks before the event.

  1. Health and Safety Requirements

Please note it is the responsibility of your nominated Safety Officer to ensure the safety of your group and activities during your time on site, but if you have any queries please contact our officers.

The Safety Officer should read the Emergency Evacuation Procedures on arrival and should follow staff instructions in the event of an emergency.

The permit holder/safety officer shall ensure any employees and contractors take all reasonable precautions, ensuring there is an event or activity risk assessment in place and creating a register of everyone in the group for use in the event of an incident.

Out of hours:  Please note that some of the Visitor Centre’s fire exits are locked (the café or visitor centre entrance/exits) and you should instruct the group accordingly. 


  • The permit holder acknowledges and agrees the Greensand Trust has not provided any assurance, warranty or representation as to the suitability or safety of the site for use concerning or in relation to the activity or event proposed.
  • The permit holder shall ensure its employees, agents and contractors take reasonable care in their activities whilst at the site and in particular will take reasonable care to protect and conserve the flora, fauna and environment at the site. If the Greensand Trust gives notice of environmental damage (including disturbance of sensitive species) taking place in its opinion, the permit holder must immediately rectify this.
  • The permit holder must not bring onto the site any dangerous, noxious, unstable, offensive or environmentally damaging substances or materials. The permit holder must not light or allow any fire on the site unless the Greensand Trust has given prior written agreement and then only subject to the exact terms of such agreement.
  • The permit holder must obtain all necessary consents as may be necessary for its activity at the site and observe all statutory requirements relating to the same. The permit holder agrees the Greensand Trust has no responsibility in this regard. If however the Greensand Trust becomes aware of any default by the permit holder as to this, it may issue a notice to permit holder who must rectify the matter immediately.
  1. Children

Anyone running sessions for children must arrange for sufficient adult supervision by persons accustomed to the care and control of children. Where the purpose is to deliver an event for children or vulnerable adults the Trust requires that:

  • You should make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the person(s) delivering this event obtain a standard or enhanced certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • Only event providers with a satisfactory disclosure certificate may undertake work
  • An adequate ratio of supervision is provided
  • The permit holder is be aware of the provisions of the Children’s Act 1989.
  • Children must be under supervision at all times. Consideration should be given to other visitors to the park and noise to be kept at a reasonable level.
  1. Parking

Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. 

Any publicity, including invitations, issued by the permit holder should clearly advise as to these parking and access requirements including any parking charges.  Parking tokens for Rushmere Country Park can be purchase in advance of your event.

  1. Photography and Filming

Photography or filming at the facilities is strictly prohibited or requires a commercial permit.

  1. Conduct of Participants

Please make your group aware that the Visitor Centre/site is open to the public and to have consideration for other users and not leave bags or personal belongings etc. unattended.

The Trust reserves the right to evict any person who does not adhere to the conditions, or who is considered by Trust staff to be a danger to other members of the public, staff or the site itself.

  1. Public spaces

The outdoor spaces are part of an area which is a publically accessible site. It is the responsibility of the permit holder for good order and conduct of their patrons during the visit. The Greensand Trust does not accept responsibility for interactions with members of the public and/or their dogs/horses/bikes/cars.

  1. Activities

Activities should reflect the nature of the environment and surrounds. The suitability of the activities will be considered upon application. Not all activities will be able to be accommodated within the park or visitor centre.

  1. Suitability & Limits

Organised Group and Commercial activities must be compatible with the management priorities of protected areas. Conservation comes first. Use and Activities must be sustainable and in keeping with the environment.  Use and activities will only be granted where advantages to the site and the public outweigh any potential disturbance or damage. Permission or permits will not be issued for activities which would cause substantial damage to the natural or cultural heritage of the site or surrounding area. Strict terms and conditions apply to protect the Park.

The Greensand Trust has a duty to protect the environment and we require you to ensure that your group or activity does no harm and is not invasive or damaging in any way.  Please consult with our relevant Trust officers who have detailed knowledge of the site and its sensitivities and can advise on what is and is not appropriate.  

  1. Reputation

The permit holder must not do anything or allow anything to be done at the site which is likely to bring the Greensand Trust into disrepute, taking into account particularly its status as a charity and its work and reputation as a conservation and environment organisation.

The permit holder must not use or permit or suffer to be used the site for any purpose or activity which in the reasonable opinion of the Greensand Trust is illegal immoral noisy noxious or dangerous or which may be or become an actionable nuisance to or cause damage to the Greensand Trust or any other person (including owners or occupiers of any adjoining or neighbouring premises).