When applying for a Pass you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Comply with local bye-laws and orders.
  2. Only pedal bikes are eligible to access Bike Pass routes and activity zones.
  3. Electrically assisted pedal cycle (e-bike) are permissible on Bike Pass routes if unmodified and meets UK law definition that it has pedals that propel it; the electric motor won’t assist you when you’re travelling more than 25 km/h (15.5mph); and the power doesn’t exceed 250 watts. E-Bike riders must be 14 years or over.
  4. Riders under the age of 16 may ride under a family permit but must be accompanied by an Adult Greensand Bike Pass holder, who will ensure the rider meets these terms and conditions. 
  5. The Bike Pass is personal to the named holder and must not be transferred to any other person.
  6. Cyclists must give way to all other users of the wood, including horses and walkers on all routes including permissive cycle routes and at all times / follow any instructions given by Greensand Trust staff.
  7. Do not put any other users in any danger. Please be considerate of other users especially where the permissive cycle routes cross public footpaths and permissive horse routes and on the approaches to the wood where tracks pass private residences.  Failure to do so will result in the immediate withdrawal of your pass/permit to ride, without refund.
  8. By applying for this pass you acknowledge that this activity is potentially hazardous; the risks involved include but are not limited to, falls, contact with other site users, effects of weather and trail conditions (and could result in injury, or death, loss or damage to property).
  9. Before cycling in the site, Riders should ensure:
    1. That you are in a good state of health, for the activity and that your bike and other equipment is in a safe, legal and rideable condition.
    2. That you have sufficient skills, using all available information, including a visual inspection to ensure you are aware of all potential and specific trail hazards and features prior to riding and to confirm that the route is safe for you to ride.
    3. That you will wear a helmet at all times and that a full face helmet, body armour, neck brace and gloves are highly recommended.
    4. You shall refrain from carrying out any digging or construction of jumps, or alterations of any kind to the routes or site without the prior written consent of the Greensand Trust.
  10. The Pass holder shall keep to designated permissive cycle routes and public bridleways within the site as shown by directions in the wood and/or marked on the official map*.
  11. The Pass holder shall clearly display a valid Pass at all times whilst using the permissive routes. Persistent failure to display a valid Pass may result in the withdrawal of the Pass.  Should your Bike Pass be lost or mislaid please contact [email protected]. There will be a charge of £5.00 for replacement of lost Passes
  12. Please be considerate of the site, its users and wildlife. All litter should be taken home.  The Bike Pass holder shall reimburse the land owner in respect of any damage (other than normal wear and tear of routes as a result of normal use) caused to the land, or any property on the land, by himself/herself or the bicycle.
  13. All cyclists ride at their own risk.
  14. You agree that, other than legal liability in respect of death or personal injury, The Greensand Trust, its employees, the land owner, volunteers /local committee members and their representatives or agents, accept no liability for any injury resulting from use of the site for cycling or any other activity undertaken, or for personal mishaps to you or your property
  15. The Greensand Trust accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur to vehicles, cycles, equipment or persons in the use of this Pass.
  16. The Greensand Trust reserves the right to change the pricing or payment structure at any time
  17. The Greensand Trust reserves the right to amend or close permissive routes at any time
  18. The Greensand Trust reserves the right to change the Terms or Conditions, current details of which are published on our website or withdraw permission of this permit at any time.
  19. Purchase of a Greensand Bike Pass entitles the holder to ride permissive cycling trails at Rushmere Country Park and/or Aspley Woods – it does not guarantee or include access to car parking at either site.
  20. In the event of site closure or our withdrawal of cycling provision The Greensand Trust can terminate all passes affected and issue a refund for any outstanding use.

Your Bike Pass will be issued to you as soon as possible. No refunds given – you should satisfy yourself (on foot) as to the suitability of the permissive routes in site for you and your bike before you apply for the Bike Pass

Updated 3 July 2020