Clophill Lakes

The Greensand Trust wishes to establish a Nature Reserve, enabling otters, sand martins and colourful dragonflies in the wetlands, to skylarks and wildflowers in the grassland areas.  We will also provide public access in a sensitive and sustainable manner which conserves and enhances these emerging habitats, whilst enabling visitors to share in the benefits this very special environment provides.

Please help us achieve this by supporting our Clophill Lakes Appeal 

Public Tree Planting Session

In early November we held our third community tree planting event at Clophill Lakes. As it was midweek we expected turn out would be light, but we were thankful to a group from Central Bedfordshire Council along with our volunteers and some locals who came to help. We managed to plant around 900 trees!

We're planting a woodland as opposed to a plantation, so we try to space the trees in a more natural way to avoid creating a grid, which is much harder than you'd think! 

Conservation volunteers continue their work

Our hardy volunteers are having regular conservation sessions at Clophill Lakes and this month helped to to open up a ride letting in more light to encourage growth, clearing access and making the view visible. Ground conditions were very challenging in places!

Our Education team visited Clophill Lower School

Our Education team was at St Mary's C of E Lower School in Clophill earlier in the month.

The children created a map of Clophill Lakes and learnt about the wildlife that lives there including the harvest mouse, barn owl, kingfisher, otter, sand martin and dragonfly. 

Our ecological surveys of the site have so far recorded 13 species of mammal such as otters, harvest mice and badgers. We’ve found 19 species of dragonflies and damselflies, 22 types of butterflies and four reptiles and amphibians including frogs, common lizards and the smooth newt. Birds sighted here include skylarks, water rail, sand martins, kingfishers and barn owls.

Each child was given a special wishing leaf to write the name of the animal they would like to see when they can visit the new nature reserve when it opens.

Yoga Charity Fundraiser supports Clophill Lakes Appeal

We're grateful to Olena Baker at akarmalife Studios for choosing to support our Clophill Lakes Appeal with her charity fundraiser - The 108 Sun Salutations Yoga Charity Event taking place on Thursday, 22 December at 6.15pm at the akarmalife studios in Ampthill.
Olena commented: "The akarmalife community likes to support local and international projects that help make a difference to peoples' lives. The natural environment impacts our health and wellbeing and having the opportunity to contribute to a local conservation project means a lot to us."
You can  donate via her page  and find out how to take part!

Contribute now and your donation will be doubled!

All donations made to our Clophill Lakes Appeal during 2022 will be matched by The Peter Smith Charitable Trust so whatever you can give, will be doubled!  

If you’re considering donating towards the creation of the new nature reserve, please aim to do this before the end of December!