Clophill Lakes

The Greensand Trust wishes to establish a Nature Reserve, enabling otters, sand martins and colourful dragonflies in the wetlands, to skylarks and wildflowers in the grassland areas.  We will also provide public access in a sensitive and sustainable manner which conserves and enhances these emerging habitats, whilst enabling visitors to share in the benefits this very special environment provides.

Please help us achieve this by supporting our Clophill Lakes Appeal 

Help create a new nature reserve for Bedfordshire!

Local environmental charity The Greensand Trust is working hard to create a new nature reserve for Bedfordshire at Clophill Lakes, transforming a former restored quarry site into a haven for wildlife which it expects to open to the public next year, and has launched its Clophill Lakes Nature Reserve Appeal to help make it happen.

Clophill Lakes Nature Reserve will provide a tranquil greenspace allowing people to experience its rich wildlife, historic heritage and varied landscapes.

Since acquiring the land earlier this year The Trust has been busy planning and carrying out initial habitat works, including planting thousands of trees with the help of its volunteer team and local people over two public tree planting days (the next is planned to take place on Thursday 10th November at 10am – all welcome). Fencing has been erected to allow livestock to be brought in to graze areas to create wildlife-rich grassland and meadow habitats and further works are planned to create safe access routes for visitors.

For The Greensand Trust sensitive public access to the nature reserve is essential as providing opportunities to connect with nature is beneficial for people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, and also helps create an understanding of the importance of our habitats and wildlife, as well as the site’s historic features, such as Cainhoe Castle, for future generations to enjoy.

We need your help!

As a charity we need to raise funds to put towards the costs of establishing the public access and to enhance the reserve’s habitats and conserve and protect the Cainhoe Castle Scheduled Monument.

The Trust is therefore asking for your support to help create what will be a cherished site by donating to the Clophill Lakes Nature Reserve Appeal. All donations made in 2022 will be matched by the The Peter Smith Charitable Trust For Nature.