Your stall should reflect the nature of the environment and surrounds. The suitability of stalls and activities will be considered upon application. Not all activities will be able to be accommodated within the park or visitor centre.

The Greensand Trust has the right to refuse permission of the sale of goods if deemed to be unsuitable and/or were not declared on the initial registration form.

Please state clearly on the booking form the total space required for your stall. The Greensand Trust will endeavour to provide as requested but reserve the right to make alterations to the allocated space at any time, prior to or during the event.

Your booking is only confirmed once payment has been received. Payment can be made by card, cheque or card in person, by post or over the phone.

Contact details:

Visitor Services, Herons View Visitor Centre
Rushmere Country Park

Linslade Road,

Beds LU7 3BB

Tel: 01525 234260

Email: [email protected]

The Greensand Trust reserves the right to refuse or withdraw permission for your activity, such refusal will usually be due to site or activity suitability.

Conduct: The Trust reserves the right to evict any person who does not adhere to the conditions of registration, or who is considered by Trust staff to be a danger to other members of the public, staff or the site itself.

Please make your group aware that the Visitor Centre/site is open to the public and to have consideration for other users and not leave bags or personal belongings etc. unattended.

The Trust reserves the right to evict any person who does not adhere to the conditions, or who is considered by Trust staff to be a danger to other members of the public, staff or the site itself.

Public spaces: The outdoor spaces are part of an area which is a publically accessible site. It is the responsibility of the hirer for good order and conduct of their patrons during the visit. The Greensand Trust does not accept responsibility for interactions with members of the public and/or their dogs/horses/bikes/cars. Commercial Activity Fees will usually be calculated on a minimum of 15% of the revenue generated though the activity using the site. For instance if you provide an event where participant pay a £10 charge, the Commercial Activity permit fee would be £1.50 per person.

Publicity and Programme: Any publicity material which relates to or identifies the Site should not be circulated until this has been submitted to and approved by The Greensand Trust. Copies of the event programme or literature should be sent at least two weeks before the event.

Insurances: Please note that you should ensure you have all necessary public liability and other insurances for your event, activity or use. The Trust accepts no responsibility, or liability for any loss, damage or injury which may occur in relation to your use.

Public Liability Insurance: A minimum of £5,000,000 indemnity cover is required.  Proof of current cover must be provided prior to the event taking place. Everyone attending the event is required to carry out a risk assessment which must be completed and returned prior to the event taking place.

Dogs: must be kept on leads at all times and not allowed to foul the event site.

Risk Assessment: A risk assessment form MUST be completed and returned with your application in order to be eligible to trade.

Health and Safety Requirements: Stallholders have a responsibility to be aware of their own and other peoples’ health & safety while attending the event. Please ensure your stall is set up and secured safely.  The Greensand Trust cannot be held responsible for damage to persons or property, however caused.

The stall /activity holder will indemnify Greensand against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including all legal costs calculated on a full indemnity basis and other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by Greensand arising out or in connection with any claim made against Greensand by a third party arising out of or in connection with the permission granted by the Greensand Trust under this agreement.

Liability for Loss or Damage: The stall holder must pay for any breakages or damage to Trust equipment, displays, fixtures or fittings occurring during the course of the hiring. It is the stall holder’s responsibility to insure any personal equipment brought into the building.

Equipment requirements: We will not supply equipment or manpower for stalls.

Power requirements: We will not supply power or utilities for stalls.  

The use of generators may be permitted providing we have been notified before the event takes place and are identified on a risk assessment.

H+S Generators and all portable appliances need to have proof of recent PAT testing etc. with the appropriate all weather connectors where required.

Loss, theft or breakage: The Trust accepts no liability for loss, theft or breakage of any of the stall holder’s equipment or personal effects. The Trust shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any person or property arising out of the event, except to the extent that the same is due to any act or neglect of the Trust, its employees, or any person for whom it is responsible.

Photography and Filming: Photography or filming at the facilities is strictly prohibited or requires a commercial permit.

Complaints: Any complaints relating to the event should be made in writing to the Trust within 24 hours.

Cancellation by the stall holder: The stall holder reserves the right to cancel his or her booking at any time. Cancellations must be made in writing. The basic pitch fee is non-refundable.

Cancellation by the Trust: In the unlikely event of a booking being cancelled by the Trust, the Trust will refund the pitch fee previously paid by the stall holder.

If the event has to be cancelled within 24 hours of the event taking place due to adverse weather forecast or poor ground conditions, a refund of 50% of the registration fee paid will be offered. If on the day, the weather deteriorates forcing the event to be cancelled, no refund will be offered.

The Trust reserves the right to terminate, without notice, any booking including where the stall holder breaches any of the terms and conditions of hire, fails to fully inform the Trust of the true nature of the booking, or where the booking threatens the safety and security of members of the public.

Vehicles: A speed limit of 5mph must be observed and hazard lights switched on at all times whilst driving on site.  Please follow stewards’ directions to stall location and designated car park.

Vehicles will not be allowed on site after 10.00am. It is at the discretion of the event organisers whether stallholders will be allowed access to set up after this time.

Unless previously agreed, all vehicles must be left in the designated parking areas from 10.30am. Vehicles will have to remain on site until the end of the event

Parking: Is only allowed in the designated parking areas. 

All vehicles that are not an integral part of a pitch must be parked in an allocated area of the RCP car park.

Any publicity, including invitations, issued by the hirer should clearly advise these parking and access requirements including any parking charges. 

There are car parking charges in place at Rushmere - £3 per vehicle to exit. As part of the pitch booking, each stall holder will be given tokens for their vehicles to exit Rushmere. The exact number will depend on how many vehicles you state you will need to bring in for your stall. Any unused tokens must be returned to Rushmere either by handing to a member of staff, or using for subsequent exits from the park.  

Visitors will be charged £3 for car parking but will not be charged entry to the Event.

An annual parking pass card can be purchased here from Rushmere visitor centre giving unlimited use of the car parks at Rushmere entrances on Linslade Road and Brickhill Road, Heath & Reach. Please note the pass does not guarantee a parking space on the day of your visit.

Waste: The stall holder is responsible for any waste / rubbish generated by your stall, please take your waste home with you.

You must provide proof of business registration with details of:

  • Which Council/Authority you are registered with
  • When your last food hygiene inspection took place and what was the hygiene rating 
  • List the food handlers (working on the day) and the food hygiene training they have received (with dates)
  • A copy of your food handling procedures
  • Gas and Electrical safety certification

Where cooking equipment is being used, adequate space should be left between units to prevent any risk of fire spread (5-6 metres). LPG cylinders and generators must be positioned or guarded so that they are not accessible to the public.

Food must be protected from the weather ie a full sided gazebo, which is adequately secured to the ground.  Where gas burners or other open flames are being used to cook food, the unit must be constructed from suitable flame retardant materials.

The Food Safety Regulations require food business operators to have written procedures to make sure that the food that they sell is safe. This must be submitted as part of the application process.