Greensand Horse Pass - Terms & Conditions

When applying for a Greensand Horse Riding Pass you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass applicant shall be responsible for ensuring that they are adequately covered by insurance when they are using the permissive routes. This insurance needs to cover the horse and rider with public liability indemnity of at least £2,000,000. A copy of a current Certificate of Insurance MUST be provided for a Greensand Horse Riding Pass. In the event of a claim being made against The Greensand Trust, the Trust / landowner liability is limited to the insurance provided by the horse rider.
  2. Comply with local bye-laws and orders.
  3. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass is personal to the named holder and must not be transferred to any other person. It can also not be transferred for use on another site or date.
  4. Riders under the age of 16 may ride under a family permit but must be accompanied by an Adult Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder.
  5. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder shall not interfere with any person’s lawful enjoyment of the land and shall not use the permissive routes in any way so as to endanger any other member of the public using the paths.

Do not put any other user in any danger.  Be considerate of other users especially where the permissive horse routes cross public footpaths and permissive horse routes and on the approaches to the wood where tracks pass private residences. 

  1. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder shall keep to designated permissive horse routes and public bridleways within the site as shown by directions in the wood and/or marked on the official Horse Permit Route map.
  2. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder shall refrain from carrying out any digging or construction of jumps, or alterations of any kind to the routes without the prior consent of the Greensand Trust.
  3. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder shall clearly display a valid permit card at all times whilst using the permissive routes. Persistent failure to display a valid digital pass may result in the withdrawal of the pass.  Should your digital permit be lost please inform the Greensand Trust at [email protected] and we will re-issue your email. 
  4. The Greensand Horse Riding Pass holder shall reimburse the land owner in respect of any damage (other than normal wear and tear of routes as a result of normal use under this pass) caused to the land, or any property on the land, by himself/herself or the horse.
  5. Before riding in the site, riders should ensure that the route is safe, they have the necessary skills and they are wearing helmets and other appropriate safety equipment.
  6. All horse riders ride at their own risk.
  7. Greensand Horse Riding Pass includes the designated permissive routes through an area of Rushmere formally known as Oakwood.
  8. The Greensand Trust reserves the right to change the pricing or payment structure at any time
  9. The Greensand Trust also reserves the right to change the Terms or Conditions or withdraw permission of this pass at any time.
  10. Purchase of a Greensand Horse Riding Pass entitles the holder to ride permissive horse-riding trails at Rushmere Country Park and/or Aspley Woods – it does not guarantee or include access to horse box parking at either site.
  11. The pass(es) will be issued by email upon completion of purchase - your digital pass via email acts as your Pass and should be shown on request. There will be no refunds, extensions or rescheduling – you should satisfy yourself (on foot) as to the suitability of the permissive routes for you and your horse before you apply for the permit.
  12. No refunds or extensions given, including but not restricted to closure due to bad weather, maintenance works and incidents outside of our control.

Updated 2 February 2024