We offer a range of Key Stage programmes aimed at engaging young people with their environment.

Tales for Tots – Pre-school to Year 2 (Ages 3-7)

A favourite story, e.g. The Gruffalo or Stick Man, is the starting point for exploring sites using all the senses on an exciting nature walk.

Sensational Seasons – Reception to Year 2 (Ages 4-7)

Fun, interactive activities introduce the cycling of seasons and the important changes that take place throughout the year.  

Habitat Adventure – Year 2 to Year 3 (Ages 5-8)

An excellent introduction to the essential needs for life and how they help an animal survive.  A minibeast hunt gets pupils close to the creatures in woodland and meadow habitats.  There is an option to study a pond for this programme.

Habitat Explorers – Year 4 to 6 (Ages 9-11)

Explore the woodland and meadow habitats in-depth.  Compare the creatures that live in these habitats and discover the amazing adaptations that help them to survive.  There is an option to study a pond habitat for this programme.

Sandtastic – Year 3 to 6 (Ages 8-11)

A classroom-based programme introducing pupils to rocks and geology, and the sand quarrying industry in the Leighton Buzzard area.  There is an option to visit a working sand quarry and/or restored former sandpit.

Flowers and Friends – Year 3 to 6 (Ages 8-11)

Discover the amazing world of plants and all the essential things they need to grow.  Explore the role of flowers and find out just how brilliant bees help out.

Map Skills – Year 4 to 7 (Ages 9-12)

Maps are useful, interesting and beautiful, maps are marvellous!  Pupils practise map reading, learn about symbols and try out orienteering and a scavenger hunt, working in teams.

River Studies – Year 5 to 7 (Age 10-12)

Pupils learn about natural processes in action by carrying out geographical field work and investigations.  Only available in certain locations.

Adventure activities -  Year 2 upwards tailored to suit group age and ability.

Bushcraft taster activities for small groups only. Can include shelter building, tracking, camouflage. Only available in certain locations.

Programmes for Key Stages 3 and 4 can be arranged on request, as can visits based around themes and topics.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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